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Virtual Antarctica Marathon & Half-Marathon Announcements

Since we are not able to physically go to Antarctica in person this year, we have created a virtual experience with you specifically in mind! This special event will bring together alumni, future travelers and our global running community. Read more

Marathoner Jim McCue conquers his Seventh Continent Marathon Press Coverage

“I had already been running marathons and was attempting to complete the Six World Major Marathons (London, Berlin, Tokyo, Chicago, New York and Boston). I was attempting my first international marathon in London when I met a gentleman on the marathon bus and he was telling me that he had just finished a marathon in Antartica and had completed one on all seven continents,” said McCue. “During the Seven Marathon journey it began to become more about the adventure than the marathons. We’ve met so many amazing people and made some friends for life,” said McCue. “I got to run alongside some truly inspirational athletes from all walks of life and have been fortunate to see some beautiful places on this planet, and we’ve accumulated some pretty good stories along the way.” Read More

Pacha Outruns the Cold in Antarctica Marathon Press Coverage

Nick Pacha, Superintendent of Parks for the City of Washington, said running is something he has only recently gotten into. “I did kind of every sport in high school and played football in college,” he said. After college, Pacha picked up running as a new hobby and eventually worked his way up to run his first marathon in Chicago in 2006. He ran the Chicago Marathon again in 2007 and 2010 before finding a company, Marathon Tours and Travel, that did destination marathons. The founders of the company are also the founders of the Seven Continents Club, an exclusive group for people who have the goal to run marathons or half-marathons on all seven continents. Read More

The Seven Continents Club Reaches 5700 Members Announcements

Marathon Tours & Travel (MTT) founded the official Seven Continents Club (SCC) in 1995 when its inaugural Antarctica Marathon and Half-Marathon made it possible for runners to conquer a marathon or half-marathon on all seven continents. Fast forward 24 years later and the SCC has grown from a short list of dedicated runners to 5700 members. Read More

Local Woman to Run Antarctica Marathon Announcements

Barbara Wnek will be finishing her seventh continent in Antarctica this coming March. In addition, she plans to run Great Wall in May and Berlin in October. This enthusiastic runner has no intention of slowing down! Read More

Around the world in seven marathons Announcements

You become a better, more well-rounded person by traveling and experiencing other countries. It has broadened my mindset as far as my political values and my social mindset and I have come to appreciate other people's viewpoints significantly more. Read More

Launching 40th Anniversary Celebration at the TCS New York City Marathon Weekend Announcements

Forty years ago CEO and Founder Thom Gilligan had a notion that there was a market for runners who loved to travel. He started with his first group to the New York City Marathon in 1979. Since then, his brain child – Marathon Tours & Travel – has dedicated itself to offering runners and their travel companions’ extraordinary destination experiences while exploring all seven continents. Read More

Running a Marathon on my 7th Continent: The Antarctica Marathon Press Coverage

Cindy Bishop is a Seven Continents Club Finisher and was one of the first American woman (along side with her running buddy Sheri Bush) to complete the Six World Marathon Majors in 2013! Read about her fascinating journey to Antarctica to complete her quest for a marathon on all seven continents. Read More

Coloradan runs and wins Antarctica Marathon to fulfill a promise to a little girl Press Coverage

Todd Lubas will tell you that marathon runners don't take up the sport by accident. He's spent years running nine different marathons in various cities across the country. It was just a few weeks ago that he went to the bottom of the Earth to compete. "It was my first marathon outside of the U.S.," Lubas, who lives in Denver, says. "I've done Boston, and Chicago, and some big U.S. marathons, but it was the first exotic marathon, in a place like Antarctica." Read more

2018 Antarctica Marathon & Half-Marathon Press Coverage

A snow squall enveloped runners minutes before the start of the 19th Antarctica Marathon & Half-Marathon held on King George Island in the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. The events were again run in two waves on consecutive days with a total of 197 runners from 18 countries including three half-marathon participants from the Russian base at Bellingshausen and one Chilean staff from Frei Base. Read more

Aileen Flanagan Runs Seven Continents, 50 States, Battles Cancer and Keeps on Going Press Coverage

As a runner, Aileen Flanagan likes to set goals for herself. Sometimes they are quite challenging and long-term goals. Ten years ago, she decided to run a half-marathon on every continent. She completed that challenge in August with a race on King George Island off the coast of Antarctica. Read More

Kiwi runner ticks off Antarctica Marathon to claim rare medal Press Coverage

Tracy Hickman is relishing the warmer climates of Grey Lynn after returning from Antarctica having completed a marathon in snow and ice. In doing so, the 50-year-old become one of the first New Zealand women to complete a marathon on all seven continents and has a received a rare medal to show for it. Read More

2017 Antarctica Marathon & Half-Marathon Top Finishers Announcements

Marathon Tours & Travel held its 18th Antarctica Marathon & Half-Marathon on March 10 and 11, 2017. Top overall finishers were recently announced. Read More

2017 Antarctica Marathon Results Race Results

Congratulations to all the finishers of the 2017 Antarctica Marathon! Read More

Briarcliff Man to Honor Wife's Memory with Antarctica Marathon Press Coverage

Dave Ventresca will be running his first marathon in honor of his wife My Luu. The 2017 Antarctica Marathon would have been My's seventh continent, which they registered for back in 2014. After losing his wife to a rare blood cancer in September 2015, he pressed forward to finish her quest along with her brother Sang Luu. Ventresca established the My Luu Memorial Fun and has successfully raised more than $26,000 in his efforts. Read More

Mt. Lebanon personal fitness trainer — and friends — to run Antarctica Marathon in March Press Coverage

Only Antarctica stands between her and completing seven marathons on seven continents, which she hopes to accomplish on March 10 or 11 on King George Island just north of the Antarctica Peninsula. Organized by Marathon Tours & Travel, the marathon provides a unique challenge for adventure athletes, all while protecting the island’s pristine environment. Plenty of people worldwide are eager to run the marathon that’s sold out through 2020. Read More

Training in -23C all part of Antarctica Marathon Press Coverage

Once they have ticked Antarctica off, the group will continue their quest to run a marathon on each of the seven continents and join their good mate Steele in the Seven Continents Club - one of world athletics' most challenging achievements. Read More

Antarctica Marathon Finishers Conquer Challenging, Changing Antarctic Conditions Press Coverage

Mother Nature played an exceptionally fickle role at the 17th Antarctica Marathon and Half-Marathon held March 12 and 13, according to Marathon Tours & Travel, the Boston-based race and expedition organizer. Read More