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After years of litigation required to recognize and protect their innovative globally respected brand, Marathon Tours & Travel (MTT) officially received the registered trademark designation for its Seven Continents Club® (SCC). MTT established the SCC in 1995, when the inaugural Antarctica Marathon®& Half-Marathon made it possible for runners to conquer a marathon or half-marathon on all seven continents. Read more

SCC Member Linda Ambard on Quest to Complete Seven Continents Press Coverage

Through many challenges and obstacles throughout her life, running has been a savior for Linda. The Antarctica Marathon will be her 219th Marathon and her seventh continent. Although experienced and a world traveler, Linda feels the following about her upcoming journey: "I don't know what to expect, with the weather, with the terrain. I’m more afraid of Antarctica than any of the other places I’ve been." Wishing Linda a safe journey this week and an amazing adventure in Antarctica! Read More

Liam Murphy to Run his Seventh Continent in Antarctica Press Coverage

A Vermonter is on the verge of running around the world with just one continent left. Running is a tough sport, but running 26.2 miles is even tougher, and doing it in arctic temperatures takes a special kind of person. Liam Murphy isn’t just running, he’s running around the world. “I like to travel, and I want to stay healthy and I figured my reward for traveling would be to do a marathon,” said Murphy. Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Argentina, New Zealand, and now he’s taking on Antarctica. Read More

The Course Ahead: Seven Continents Club Announcements

In addition to our Seven Continents Club (SCC) Finishers, we have quite a few members in our community who are in the process of earning their SCC Finisher Medal. The SCC offers so much more though than only the opportunity to be recognized for completing the seven continents goal. Many members join the SCC for the VIP Travel Club benefits as they plan for their first international race. Read More