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Patagonian International Marathon
Patagonian International Marathon

Have you ever felt completely insignificant in comparison to nature? Well, get ready to feel precisely that way among the turquoise waters, glaciers and towering granite horns of the Torres del Paine National Park. The jaw-dropping landscapes of this eighth wonder of the world are humbling indeed.Learn more

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Chile has been named South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination at the World Travel Awards Announcements

Chile has a wealth of adventure tourism for visitors to uncover from skiing down a volcano in Pucón, scuba-diving off Easter Island and ice-field walking in Patagonia, to taking a hot air balloon flight over the Atacama Desert and white water rafting on the Futaleufu River. Read more

Where You Should Travel in South America This Year Press Coverage

No list of places to go in South America would be complete without Patagonia, so why not start there? While every square inch of Patagonia is nothing less than magical, Torres del Paine National Park is a comparatively less-traveled spot that is not to be missed. Read More