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Canadian runs her sixth world major of the year on her 60th birthday Announcements

Rochman enlisted the help of Thom Gilligan of Marathon Tours and Travel to make sure she got into all six races, even though she was qualified for Boston, Chicago and New York based on her times from previous races. Read More

Paula Rochman, Six Star Finisher Announcements

Paula ran six Majors in one year, culminating in receiving her Six Star medal on her 60th birthday at the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon with her daughter by her side Read More

Supporter of Virgin Money London Marathon for 37 Years Announcements

“Marathon Tours & Travel is proud to be hosting runners and their supporters for the 37th year in a row at this weekend’s Virgin Money London Marathon,” stated Thom Gilligan, Founder and CEO. “Now one of the six Abbott World Marathon Majors, the London Marathon was first held in 1981 and Marathon Tours & Travel has been supporting the race since 1982. Included in this year’s group of clients are 60 runners hoping to complete their final Abbott World Marathon Major and collect the coveted Six Star Finisher Medal.” Read More