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Tokyo Marathon 2024
Tokyo Marathon 2024

Our application process will open to Seven Continents Club (SCC) Members beginning on Monday, July 17 at 12:00PM Eastern Time. This is NOT on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to demand, it will not open to non-SCC Members. We are proud to continue to be the exclusive International Tour Operator in the U.S. and Canada for the Tokyo Marathon. Our package includes a guaranteed entry. This marathon is part of the Abbot World Marathon Majors. Learn more

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After years of litigation required to recognize and protect their innovative globally respected brand, Marathon Tours & Travel (MTT) officially received the registered trademark designation for its Seven Continents Club® (SCC). MTT established the SCC in 1995, when the inaugural Antarctica Marathon®& Half-Marathon made it possible for runners to conquer a marathon or half-marathon on all seven continents. Read more

Around the world in seven marathons Announcements

You become a better, more well-rounded person by traveling and experiencing other countries. It has broadened my mindset as far as my political values and my social mindset and I have come to appreciate other people's viewpoints significantly more. Read More

Canadian runs her sixth world major of the year on her 60th birthday Announcements

Rochman enlisted the help of Thom Gilligan of Marathon Tours and Travel to make sure she got into all six races, even though she was qualified for Boston, Chicago and New York based on her times from previous races. Read More

Paula Rochman, Six Star Finisher Announcements

Paula ran six Majors in one year, culminating in receiving her Six Star medal on her 60th birthday at the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon with her daughter by her side Read More


2016 Tokyo Marathon

Peers on the same journey. Marathon tours staff guidance on trip. Great weather. Incredible crowd and energy. Great celebration event night of the race. Very helpful outing to the friendship run probably wouldn't have got there without staff leadership.

2016 Tokyo Marathon

Marathon experience exceeded expectations. .Most enthusiastic aid volunteers and spectators of any marathon I have done.