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It is rare when one of our clients has not traveled or know of one of our treasured team members - Jacqui Kaufman! She has been a contractual guide for Marathon Tour & Travel for decades, traveling to all seven continents with our clients. She is warm, caring, compassionate, worldly, adventurous, an animal lover and the best salesperson when it comes to our Amazing Maasai Marathon Tour due to her love of her 'second home'...Kenya. We asked Jacqui to share a little about what she has been doing in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado since the pandemic started. Enjoy this little excerpt on our featured #TeammateTuesday and please join us in congratulating Jacqui for recently becoming a USA Citizen! Read more


Today, we briefly converse with Mike Sohaskey and Katie Ho, co-founders of RaceRaves, one of the go-to places for an online community dedicated to races and the race experience. The MTT team is fortunate and proud to work with Mike and Katie to mutually benefit you, our clients. We hope you enjoy the discussion as much as we did! Read more

#TeammateTuesday Announcements

Upon your arrival into Havana, you immediately are introduced to two of our longtime and exceptional guides - Alexis Hernandez and Abel Contreras. Well-traveled and so wise about world events and politics, they also have a wealth of knowledge about their home country...Cuba. Read more

#TeammateTuesday Announcements

This week we are doing something a little different for our #TeammateTuesday in honor of Mother's Day. In the midst of COVID-19, parents have had to adapt to many new challenges so we decided to take an inside peek into a few of our 'mom' team member's lives and their insight into this very unique, uncertain and memorable time. Read more