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After years of litigation required to recognize and protect their innovative globally respected brand, Marathon Tours & Travel (MTT) officially received the registered trademark designation for its Seven Continents Club® (SCC). MTT established the SCC in 1995, when the inaugural Antarctica Marathon®& Half-Marathon made it possible for runners to conquer a marathon or half-marathon on all seven continents. Read more

Carmel Runner Completes Antarctica Half-Marathon Press Coverage

For Mohan Ambaty, completing a half-marathon in Antarctica wasn’t nearly the most difficult part of his trip. The physical challenge for the longtime runner seemed fairly routine compared to the emotional toll of frequent COVID-19 testing, precautionary quarantines and the knowledge that his quest to run a half-marathon on every continent could be deterred at any moment because of uncooperative weather or a positive test result. A few days of seasickness didn’t help, either. But on Jan. 28, Ambaty, 53, completed the Antarctica Half Marathon on King George Island in a time of 2:26:30, finishing second in the men’s event. It was a race like no other, he said, devoid of crowds, water stations and music. Read More

Your Guide to Thriving After a Big Life Change Press Coverage

The topic of the “new longevity” has intrigued me, as I have always pushed my own boundaries of what is possible as I’ve aged. It led me to write a book last year called ROAR—an acronym for the four-step process to “Reimagine, Own Who You Are, Act on Your Plan, and Reassess Your Relationships” into the second half of your life. My own reimagining started at 39, when I had the epiphany that all I was doing was working. My identity was tied up in what I did for a living versus who I was as a person. On a flight home from a business trip, I decided to tap into my adventure self, identifying what really excited me. I resolved to take a flying lesson (a boyhood dream) and planned a trip to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (inspired by Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro). Author and Seven Continents Club Finisher - Michael Clinton Read More

SCC Member Linda Ambard on Quest to Complete Seven Continents Press Coverage

Through many challenges and obstacles throughout her life, running has been a savior for Linda. The Antarctica Marathon will be her 219th Marathon and her seventh continent. Although experienced and a world traveler, Linda feels the following about her upcoming journey: "I don't know what to expect, with the weather, with the terrain. I’m more afraid of Antarctica than any of the other places I’ve been." Wishing Linda a safe journey this week and an amazing adventure in Antarctica! Read More