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Big Five Marathon and Half-Marathon
Big Five Marathon and Half-Marathon

The Big Five Marathon and Half-Marathon provides the opportunity to run among the wildlife in their natural habitat in South Africa. Learn more

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Marathoner Jim McCue conquers his Seventh Continent Marathon Press Coverage

“I had already been running marathons and was attempting to complete the Six World Major Marathons (London, Berlin, Tokyo, Chicago, New York and Boston). I was attempting my first international marathon in London when I met a gentleman on the marathon bus and he was telling me that he had just finished a marathon in Antartica and had completed one on all seven continents,” said McCue. “During the Seven Marathon journey it began to become more about the adventure than the marathons. We’ve met so many amazing people and made some friends for life,” said McCue. “I got to run alongside some truly inspirational athletes from all walks of life and have been fortunate to see some beautiful places on this planet, and we’ve accumulated some pretty good stories along the way.” Read More

Around the world in seven marathons Announcements

You become a better, more well-rounded person by traveling and experiencing other countries. It has broadened my mindset as far as my political values and my social mindset and I have come to appreciate other people's viewpoints significantly more. Read More