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We have discovered runners vote with their feet! For the past 40 years we have brought athletes around the world. With constructive and helpful feedback, we have been offering top-notch tour packages to all seven continents. It goes without saying that on our list of more than 40 programs, there is something for everyone. We wanted to take it one step further. Therefore, in late 2016, The Runner’s Country Club was launched. This unique program is designed for runners who want to take their experiences one step further. In partnership with our clients, annually we survey our frequent travelers to identify new destinations and activities they wish to explore. Our goal is to present two or more new and unique destination experiences each year to discover together while reuniting with old friends and making new ones.

Your responses in December of 2016 led to the creation of five new destinations for clients to experience together starting in 2018: Jerusalem, Bhutan, Madagascar (2017), Patagonia, and Cape Town. Based on first year reviews these trips were great additions.  We invite you to read client testimonials for each of these tours below.  It's amazing what we accomplished by working together.

Last December in our second annual Runners Country Club survey we asked you to again vote on possible new destinations we could experience together. After reviewing your top choices by physically running the races and evaluating the destination experience we have identified three new tours that meet our criteria.  We are very excited to offer the following new destinations for 2019!


Blackmores Sydney Marathon (September) | Run in Australia's Most Famous City

The Opera House, the Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach, kangaroos are a few things that come to mind when one thinks of the largest and most famous Australian City...Sydney.  People from around the world flock here to discover and experience this beautiful cosmopolitan city.  Now is your chance to visit this Oceania country and run one of the most spectacular courses in the world.  Learn more here  or contact

Baxters Loch Ness Marathon, 10K & 5K (October) | Voted in Top 10 by Runner's World

This is possibly one of the most stunning marathons in the world.  With spectacular scenery, fantastic atmosphere and a truly memorable experience, no wonder it's ranked in the top five on our last two Runners Country Club Survey! You have the option to join us first in Edinburgh or meet us in Inverness.  Additionally, we have created an extension option for clients running the Berlin Marathon to continue with us to Scotland. We have no doubt this will be a highlight of 2019! Learn more here or contact  

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, Half-Marathon & 10K (December) | Gold Label Status 

This marathon has established itself as the marquee running event on Singapore's sporting calendar. Every first Sunday of December, thousands of participants from all walks of life run past some of Singapore's  iconic landmarks such as Garden by the Bay or the Esplanade.  In 2016, SCSM retained its Gold Label Status by IAAF, placing it among the company of the world's elite races such as the NYC Marathon and London Marathon.  The Abbott World Marathon Majors (AbbottWMM) have previously announced that Singapore is being evaluated as a possible seventh AbbottWMM.  We hope you will join us for the 18th running in 2019.  Details will be on our website as soon as they are available!



Jerusalem (March​ 2019)

"The historical significance of Israel is undeniable.  I enjoyed all the carefully planned tours and lovely accommodations.  The half-marathon was challenging but running through the streets of the Old City was an experience of a lifetime.  This has been one of my most enjoyable trips taken with Marathon Tours & Travel.  I will enthusiastically recommend Jerusalem to anyone who feels they are up for the very hilly and challenging course.  I really can't say enough positive things."

Bhutan (May 2019)

"This is a unique trip because the run is actually secondary in the experience.  Words really can't describe it. I'm telling friends to go and then let's talk."

Madagascar (June 2019)

"I am pursuing my seven continents and want to go only to places I have never been before so I registered to experience Madagascar.  I don't like to feel like cattle being herded around so I loved the small group setting.  I am an outdoor action traveler so I like to get out to enjoy and experience as well as take part in the culture where I travel.  I really enjoyed the hike to the waterfall and was the first one in the water.  The trip to the Sapphire mine gave me the opportunity to go down into the test hole. When else would I ever get a chance to do that?  I loved all the rock formations and climbing on them.  I totally enjoyed myself from start to finish."

Patagonia (September 2019)

"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trip.  Patagonia was #2 on my travel bucket list since childhood (#1 was Antarctica). As with all my trips with MTT this one was just wonderful, well organized and allowed me to experience an absolutely mesmerizing landscape, its unique fauna and flora, and wonderful people with a great group of like-minded runners and travelers!"  

Cape Town (September 2019)

"Location was the best! Loved being by the coast, loved being within walking distance to the start and finish.  Loved the proximity to shopping and the Grand Beach!"

Continue to visit the Runners Country Club web page for updates. We look forward to traveling with you in 2019 and beyond!