The Great Wall Marathon

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RACE DATE:  May 18, 2024


COURSE - This demanding course includes 5,164 steps on the Great Wall at Huangyaguan, which includes steep up and down portions.  More than six (6) kilometers of the full marathon are run on the Great Wall. All other races are on the Great Wall for about three (3) kilometers.  Most of the course runs through the small farmlands and villages of Tianjin Province. Many runners/walkers opt to carry a camera during their event and not be concerned about their finish time. For many, this is an experience of a lifetime, not a race!

TEMPERATURE - Expected temperatures range from 61F to 95F degrees. Humidity is high while running in the valleys. 

ENTRY FEE - All tour packages include the race entry fee, pre-race inspection tour of the course, race t-shirt, pasta dinner, transportation from your hotel to the start, return transportation back to your hotel and a sandwich lunch after the race. This must be paid by runners and non-runners alike.
Your entry is guaranteed after receipt of a completed tour application form and deposit by check. 

TIME LIMIT - The course time limit is eight (8) hours.  There is also a six (6) hour cut-off at 34K for the Marathon.  Runners must reach this point within six hours to continue. 

Difficulty: Difficult. The wall section consists of steps of varying height, width and some steps are made of brick. Precaution should be taken when running this part. A few places on the wall section see no steps at all, but instead a ramp of rocks and concrete. These ramps can be slippery and extra attention must be paid to your footing! In some of the villages the surface is gravel and dirt roads. More information on Race website here.