Polar Circle, Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Marathon Half Marathon
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Event Information

Marathon - October 27, 2018
Half-Marathon - October 28, 2018


ORGANIZER: The race is organized by Albatros Adventure Marathons of Denmark and supported by the local community.

COURSE: The marathon and half-marathon take place on uneven gravel road and ice. You will run on the ice sheet, as well as roads. The ice sheet may be covered with a thick layer of snow, and the roads may be covered with ice. You will pass enormous glacier tongues and moraine plains and go through tundra and artic deserts.

TEMPERATURE: The weather in Greenland is unpredictable. Expect temps to be -10C at the start, and “warm” to 10C by the finish. Snow and strong winds may occur, which can drop the temp below 0 and cause concern for frostbite.

ENTRY FEE: Entry to the marathon and half-marathon is $395. The Polar Bear Challenge is $525. 

TIME LIMIT: The course time limit for the marathon is seven (7) hours.  The course time limit for the half-marathon is four (4) hours.

NUMBER PICKUP: Numbers will be provided at the race briefing the evening before the event or will be picked up on way to the tented camp-site.

AWARDS: Awards will be given for the top three overall males and females in both races.  Prize money is only for runners who live in the community.  Each runner will receive a medal and T-shirt.
RUNNING SHOES: The Polar Circle can be run in a pair of normal running shoes or trail running shoes. We recommend that runners bring a pair of running spikes with carbon steel points that can be fitted to your running shoes.  This is a definite advantage on the ice sheet sections.

DIFFICULTY: Challenging trail course in a remote area with extreme low temperatures and wind.