The 2021 Date and Package Has Not Been Confirmed. September 25, 2021 is an estimated date.

Patagonian International Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10K

Marathon Half Marathon 10k
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Have you ever felt completely insignificant in comparison to nature? Well, get ready to feel precisely that way among the turquoise waters, glaciers and towering granite horns of the Torres del Paine National Park. The jaw-dropping landscapes of this eighth wonder of the world are humbling indeed.

The PATAGONIAN INTERNATIONAL MARATHON takes place in Chilean Patagonia in the surroundings of Torres del Paine National Park. The event has brought together runners from more than 50 countries, converging to the southern tip of Patagonia to fulfill the dream of running in one of the most pristine places on the planet! Marathon Tours & Travel is proud to be entering our third year as the marathon's Official Travel Partner!  We welcome you to read what past clients have to say.

Once again, we will offer our seven-night (Experience Chile) and five-night (Experience Patagonia) packages.  In addition, we are excited to offer a new option: Atacama to Patagonia Ten-Night​ Package! All our packages include accommodations in Patagonia at the Hotel Rio Serrano and Spa, which is ideally located at the Finish Line of the race and also a short distance from one of the Torres del Pain Park entrances!  With our “all-inclusive” package you will have access to 12 daily excursions with trekking, boating, horseback riding and climbing options that allows you to actively explore this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve on the non-race days.

What else can you expect? Terrific wildlife-watching in Torres del Paine; seeing majestic condors soaring in the skies overhead; spotting foxes, huemul or Andean deer and guanacos along the way; and if you lie in wait patiently, you might be lucky enough to spot the reclusive puma!

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Runner Testimonials

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COVID-19 - Messages of Client Support

Thank you to Ms. Suter for her excellent piece on what to do if your race is cancelled. Her writing reminded me to refocus on mindfulness and to maintain the training plan for the Outback. Her counsel applies not only to running but to life in general. In line with something Ms. Suter writes, I recently resumed yoga to help deal with the Covid-19 stress. I had started following a Runner’s World yoga DVD in the months prior to Bhutan to prepare spiritually.  Ironically I dropped yoga when we returned to the states because I felt too busy!

That leads to my next thought.  We were reminiscing the past two days about our wonderful time in Bhutan.  Thank you to the great staff at Marathon Tours & Travel.  These memories, plus Patagonia and the Big 5 tours, remind us of the beauty in the world.  We greatly appreciate the work Ann and Stephanie have done for us.  We look forward to traveling again. 

2019 Marathon Tours Patagonia Trip

Really enjoyed the atmosphere of the finish - so nice being by the hotel so we could get showered and then cheer the others in.

2019 Marathon Tours Patagonia Trip

Marathon Tours has the unique skill of making everything about the trip work perfectly. Nothing is missed - a beautiful hotel, thoughtful gifts such as the water bottles, tables laid out with food and drink at each excursion...fabulous guys have these tours to perfection!! Thank you.

Trip Designer

Stephanie DiBrita
Stephanie DiBrita

Trip Leaders

Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams
Jacqui Kaufman
Jacqui Kaufman