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Have you ever felt completely insignificant in comparison to nature? Well, get ready to feel precisely that way among the turquoise waters, glaciers and towering granite horns of the Torres del Paine National Park. The jaw-dropping landscapes of this eighth wonder of the world are humbling indeed.

The PATAGONIAN INTERNATIONAL MARATHON takes place in Chilean Patagonia in the surroundings of Torres del Paine National Park. The event has brought together runners from more than 50 countries, converging to the southern tip of the Patagonia to fulfill the dream of running in one of the most pristine places on the planet!

To get our Chilean experience started, the tour begins with two nights in Santiago where you will re-connect with old friends and meet new ones while sampling the Santiago regions top activities. We will then fly you to Patagonia as a group and settle in to our host hotel. The Hotel Rio Serrano is conveniently located at the finish line of the race and also just a short distance from one of the park entrances. With an “all-inclusive” package that includes 12 daily excursions with trekking, boating, horseback riding and climbing options you will be able to actively explore this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve on the non-race days.

You will also enjoy terrific wildlife-watching in Torres del Paine. See majestic condors soaring in the skies overhead. Look out for foxes, huemul or Andean deer and guanacos along the way, and if you lie in wait patiently, you might be lucky enough to spot the reclusive puma.

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The Runners Country Club

The company has been doing a great job listening to clients and adding some remarkable trips - Madagascar, Cuba, Jerusalem, Patagonia.

Valle Nevado Snow Skiing

Valle Nevado is the newest and grandest of the Tres Valles resorts. Sporting Chile’s only detachable quad and a five star hotel at its base area, Valle Nevado attracts a very international crowd that enjoy its expansive intermediate focused terrain. Valle Nevado features huge wide-open slopes amidst spectacular mountain scenery. With an amazing 9,000 acres of in bounds ski-able terrain and the highest lift service in the Southern hemisphere, Valle Nevado presents vast powder opportunities. In addition to Valle’s ginormous in bounds area it also offers private heli-skiing in its adjacent valleys. What Valle Nevado lacks in steepness and extreme terrain it makes up for in pure area. The Tres Puntas poma lift, the longest in South America, drops riders off at 3,670 meters (12,040 feet) beneath the gargantuan 17,000 foot Cerro Plomo Peak. 

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Stephanie DiBrita

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