2020 Paris Marathon tour packages with guaranteed race entry will be available beginning June 12. Guaranteed entry is $135.00 USD until August 31 and is only available from authorized tour operators.

Paris Marathon

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The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris offers a unique opportunity to run through historic landmarks of Paris.  The race will take you through some of the capital’s most famous avenues and plazas.   It starts on the Champs Elysees and takes you by the Louvre, Place de la Bastille, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and you’ll finish near the Arc de Triomphe.   This iconic race now draws more than 23,000 international runners from around the world.

Our package includes access to guaranteed race entry, features voted as favorites by past clients, very competitive pricing and great locations. To celebrate your marathon finish, we highly recommend joining the champagne tour on Monday, April 6 with a full-day tour of the Champagne region to sample some of the world’s best bubbly!

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2019 Marathon Tours Paris Marathon Trip

It was very well organized, well run, well priced. Scott and Jacqui brought a human-touch to the experience that could have easily been treated more transactional and less personal. They looked out for my interests. I tell everyone this. I will be back.

2019 Marathon Tours Paris Trip

***** - five stars. Jacqui was extremely attentive to all clients and their unique needs. Jacqui had a very visible presence and made herself available. Her style and experience are so valuable to travelers and runners. Jacqui's presence added to the enjoyable experience.

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Scott Guillemette
Scott Guillemette

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Jacqui Kaufman