Marine Corps Marathon

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The 43rd Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) offers a special experience hosted by the men and women who defend our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of running marathons. We are pleased to offer a guaranteed entry with a minimum hotel stay of two nights for this very popular marathon!

MCM has been recognized as “Best Marathon in the Mid-Atlantic,” “Best for Families” and “Best for Beginners.”  It is also known as the "Marathon of Monuments" since the course runs along many of the iconic national monuments of Washington, D.C. and the "People's Marathon" as it is focuses on strengthening community spirit, promoting good health, and showing support for veterans. Runners from all 50 states and more than 50 countries participate each year.  
As an official tour operator, Marathon Tours & Travel can offer assistance in booking your hotel for marathon weekend.  Our experienced staff, some who have run the marathon themselves, can also assist you with other travel services such as securing the best airfare, transfers from the airport, etc.

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2016 Marathon Tours Marine Corps Trip

The Marine Corps Marathon is 26.2 miles of one emotional wave after another, with all the monuments and memorials. The Blue Mile is almost overwhelming. Great course support by the Marines and the sense of pride upon completion is like no other. A must do for every marathoner!

2016 Marathon Tours Marine Corps Trip

The MCM was a great experience. As an Army veteran, I was proud to participate in a race organized and managed so well by active duty military, the Marines. The race was challenging, fun, and meaningful. We'll be back in DC to run the MCM again in 2017.

Trip Designer

Nicole Langone
Nicole Langone