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Follow the footsteps of the Maya and find yourself at the inaugural Lost City Marathon!  Nestled in the dense rainforests of the Chiapas region on the Yucatan peninsula, the ancient Mayan city of Palenque, famous for it’s well preserved and impressive Mayan architecture, offers the start line for a trail Marathon of unrivaled lush vegetation and breathtaking beauty. 

Only 10% of Palenque has been fully discovered and along with providing a fascinating glimpse into the religious and cultural practices of the Maya people which thrived in this once vibrant and powerful city, it has now been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical and cultural significance. 

Featuring both a marathon and a half marathon, the awe-inspiring route follows jungle trails, majestic rivers, picturesque ranches, and small villages. It will be a challenging race crossing various surfaces, including water and steep hills, but certainly worth getting your feet wet. 

Keep your eyes open and enjoy the rich bird life and look for the different species of butterflies found on the open planes – there are over a hundred!  Howler monkeys, scarlet macaws & toucans can be found in the jungle if you step lightly (they often scatter when runners approach). If you are lucky enough to spot a howler monkey, know that they sometimes amuse themselves by throwing small branches from the treetops at onlookers who stop to stare. 


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