Iceland Volcano Marathon, Half-Marathon & Quarter Marathon

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Event Information

Race Date: September 10, 2022
Race Time: 7:30 AM.  The Marathon and Half-Marathon will start together, Quarter Marathon to start shortly after.

Course:  The Iceland Volcano Marathon is run on a variety of surfaces, including asphalt, soft volcanic sand, volcanic rock, gravel, and dirt. Although the race can be run in normal running shoes, trail running shoes are recommended if one is hoping for top placement.  You can view a course map here and the elevation chart here.
Entry Fee:  

Marathon – $350 USD
Half Marathon – $350 USD
Quarter Marathon - $191 USD

Weather: You will find the weather in Iceland , with rain possible anytime. You can expect highs in the low 50’s F and lows in the low 40’s F.


Marathon – 18 years +
Half Marathon 16 years +
10K – 14 years +
5K – 10 years +

Time Limit:

Marathon – 7 hours (must finish by 2:30 PM)
Half Marathon – 7 hours (must finish by 2:30 PM)
Quarter Marathon (must finish by 2:30 PM)

Awards: Everyone who finishes their running event within the time limit will receive a Finisher Medal and Race short. 

Difficulty: The course difficulty is challenging.