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Easter Island Marathon

Marathon Half Marathon 10k
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Event Information

EVENT: Easter Island Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10K
RACE DATE:  June 2, 2019
RACE TIME:  10:15 AM 

COURSE - This out-and-back course begins in the center of Hanga Roa, the main town on the island and runs through the middle of the island to Anakena Beach where it turns around. The course is considered to be mostly flat at the beginning and end of the race and rather hilly during the middle miles. Water stops are every five kilometers. There is also be an "aid truck" with water, bananas, cookies, etc. that goes along the course. Be prepared to encounter cows or wild horses along the course. The local dogs love tourists and may join in the fun. 

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TEMPERATURE – Expected temperatures range from 65F to 75F.  Rain is always a possibility! 

ENTRY FEE – The entry fee is included in your package price.  If you wish to join another event (triathlon or bike race), each event is an additional $250.  Non-runners can deduct $100 from their package price.

TIME LIMIT – There is no time limit.  Walkers are welcome.

DIFFICULTY: Moderate. Potentially hot, with a mixture of rolling hills and flat portions on the course.