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This is your chance to run on one of the most remote inhabited islands.  Easter Island, also known by islanders as Rapa Nui, lies 2,300 miles from land of any significance.  A tiny speck in the middle of the South Pacific, the island is roughly triangular in shape with its rocky shores.  A Chilean territory since 1888, Easter Island has a population of 4,000 who live primarily in Hanga Roa, the island’s only town.   The island is known for its famous imposing stone statues (moai), which punctuate the landscape and on average stand 13 feet high and with 14 tons.  

The race weekend includes a variety of events and distances including the marathon, half-marathon, 10K, sprint triathlon, half ironman triathlon, 35K or 70K mountain bike race.  What will you see on the course? Moai in the distance, wild horses, wayward cows, and tourist-loving dogs to name a few!

Following your Easter Island experience, we invite you to book an optional extension to Machu Picchu!

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2018 Marathon Tours Easter Island Trip

I loved the whole trip. I never would have thought to go the Easter Island if Marathon Tours had not offered the trip and I am very glad I did. My favorite part of the trip was the whole day tour on Easter Island, the Moai were amazing.

2018 Marathon Tours Easter Island Trip

I loved the peace and spiritual aspect of Easter Island. So remote, beautiful and quiet. I appreciated Jacqui's ability to make each and every person feel very special and customize the experience. She is a great guide, and has a wonderful sense of reading people that is indispensable.

Trip Designer

Nicole Langone
Nicole Langone

Trip Leaders

Jacqui Kaufman
Jacqui Kaufman