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Big Five Marathon and Half-Marathon

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Event Information

RACE DATE:  Saturday, June 22, 2019

RACE TIME:  9:00 AM (Marathon) and 9:15 AM (Half-Marathon)

COURSE: The Big Five Marathon is known for its challenging course, which takes runners through incredible scenery and showcases the natural beauty and wildlife of South Africa.  Course Information, Course Map and Course Elevation.

TEMPURATURE: The weather is very dry, sunny and cool at this time of the year.  Participants can expect a temperature of around 60 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, but with variations due to sun, shade wind and altitude. 

ENTRY FEE: Entry to the marathon and half-marathon is $375.00 per person. 

ELIGIBILITY: Runners must be a minimum of 18 years old on race day.

TIME LIMIT: To ensure runners’ safety, three cut-off points have been established on the route.  The cut-off times are extremely strict, so please review the information below very carefully.
• Cut-off #1 – 26.5km – 4 hours and 15 minutes after start
• Cut-off #2 – 32.5km – 5 hours and 15 minutes after start
• Cut-off #3 – Finish Line – 7 hours after start

• Cut-off #1 – 10.5km – 4 hours after start
• Cut-off #2 – 16.5km – 5 hours after start
• Cut-off #3 – Finish Line – 6 hours 45 minutes after start

Runners who haven’t reached the cut-off points in time will not be allowed to continue and will be picked up by a ranger vehicle and taken back to the finish line.  The cut-off times are strictly enforced to keep everyone safe!  It is recommended that you add at least 25% to your “flat” marathon time (ex. If you are a 4 hour marathoner plan for this race to take you 5 hours).

*Please keep these times in mind especially if you are on a quest to complete a marathon on all seven continents.  Should you finish even 30 seconds after the cut-off times you will receive a DNF or FNT and it will NOT count towards a completed continent. 

NUMBER PICKUP: Your bib number, timing chip and t-shirt will be handed out after the route inspection.  Do not fold or wrinkle the number as this may damage the chip.  You will get two copies of your bib number and both must be clearly visible to the race officials at all times during the race, one on the front and one on the back. 

AWARDS: Top three overall for males and females in both races. 

RUNNING SHOES: Although not mandatory, you may consider training and bringing trail shoes for the race.  The trail is run on a well-traveled dirt surface, but you will still come across loose rocks and soft beach sand.  Regular running shoes are worn by the majority of participants. 

DIFFICULTY: High altitude, challenging hilly course, trail run in a remote area.