The Bhutan Thunder Dragon race date is tentative.  Details will be updated once the date is confirmed. 

Bhutan Thunder Dragon Marathon and Half-Marathon

Marathon Half Marathon
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Bhutan or Druk Yul (the land of the Thunder Dragon) as it is known in Bhutanese, is mystical, enchanting and like nowhere you have ever been. Remote and isolated it is the last great Himalayan kingdom. Although completely cut off for centuries it has tried to let in some aspects of the outside world while fiercely guarding its customs and traditions.

The Bhutanese people with their Buddhist beliefs have a strong sense of identity and of the interdependence between man and nature, expressed through the national policy of Gross National Happiness and concern for the environment. Its environment is wild and pristine and it is home to some of the world’s highest unclimbed mountains, the last great undestroyed forests of the Himalayas and exotic wildlife.

Regularly voted one of the world’s top travel destinations, Bhutan still remains accessible only to the privileged few. The Thunder Dragon Marathon is your chance to see the country at ground level, to immerse yourself in its unique culture and enjoy an unforgettable running and travel experience.

The Thunder Dragon Marathon highlights all of the aspects of Bhutan that make it so special. Running through the beautiful Paro Valley, the route takes in fantastic mountain scenery and features many iconic landmarks, such as the Tigers Taktsang Monastery (also known as Tigers Nest), Paro Dzong and many religious Chorten or shrines. It is a true mountain and cultural experience.

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COVID-19 - Messages of Client Support

Thank you to Ms. Suter for her excellent piece on what to do if your race is cancelled. Her writing reminded me to refocus on mindfulness and to maintain the training plan for the Outback. Her counsel applies not only to running but to life in general. In line with something Ms. Suter writes, I recently resumed yoga to help deal with the Covid-19 stress. I had started following a Runner’s World yoga DVD in the months prior to Bhutan to prepare spiritually.  Ironically I dropped yoga when we returned to the states because I felt too busy!

That leads to my next thought.  We were reminiscing the past two days about our wonderful time in Bhutan.  Thank you to the great staff at Marathon Tours & Travel.  These memories, plus Patagonia and the Big 5 tours, remind us of the beauty in the world.  We greatly appreciate the work Ann and Stephanie have done for us.  We look forward to traveling again. 

2019 Marathon Tours Bhutan Thunder Dragon Trip

You can't explain the country, you have to see it. People still can't believe the course we ran.

2019 Marathon Tours Bhutan Thunder Dragon Trip

If one wishes to experience a deep Buddhist culture, which is striving to maintain its true identity in the beauty of the Himalayas, with the bonus of a foot race, this is the life experience for you.

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Ann Haebler

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