Bagan Temple Marathon, Myanmar

Marathon Half Marathon 10k
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OPTION ONE: Glorious Beach Escape
Although it is a popular retreat for locals, Ngapali has retained its lazy, fishing town appeal for decades. Spend four glorious days basking in the sun and give your body a well-deserved break from the exertions of the marathon at the Amata Resort. Rustic fishing settlements are scattered around the area, making Ngapali a perfect base for exploring other small towns and villages. Or enjoy snorkeling and discover the underwater world off the shores of the beach. Whatever your interests, Ngapali is the perfect destination for the end of your Myanmar journey.

Monday, November 29​ - Bagan to Ngapali
After breakfast, we fly to Thandwe and drive to the village of Ngapali. Check in to our hotel, the Amata Resort, and spend the rest of the day at your own leisure. (Breakfast included)

Tuesday, November 30​ - Ngapali
Go for a stroll in the village and enjoy delicious local dishes, swim in the crystal clear water or have a nap under the swaying palms. Just relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings! (Breakfast included)

Wednesday, December 1 - Ngapali
Another day in paradise Snorkel, swim or just laze on the beach. Enjoy your last day! (Breakfast included)

Thursday, December 2​ - Departures
After breakfast and checkout we head to the airport for our flight to Yangon and your onward journey. Flying time is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes and arrival in Yangon is estimated before noon. However, flight times are not yet confirmed and delays do occur, so it is NOT recommended to book your onward flight out of Yangon earlier than 3:00 PM. (Breakfast included)

OPTION TWO: Magical Inle Lake
Famous for their special leg rowing technique, the Intha people are one of several hill tribes living on and around Myanmar’s second largest lake. The beautiful floating gardens dot this
vast lake and make up for a meditative landscape to sail around. On shore crumbling stupas at the foot of the mountains enhances the dreamlike scenery and it is almost as if you are on a different planet. If the included guided tours aren’t enough, you can rent a canoe and paddle through the calm waters or take a bicycle and explore the lush countryside. Either way, Inle Lake is balm for the soul.

Monday, November 29 - Heho and Inle Lake
After breakfast and checkout, fly to Heho. En route to Nyaung Shwe, we visit the Shew Yan Pyae Monastery. Then we stroll through the local morning market before sailing to Inle and check in to our hotel. (Breakfast and lunch included)

Tuesday, November 30​ - Inle Lake
Wake up to the serene surroundings of the lake. Today we enjoy a full-day boat tour on the lake. Its calm waters are dotted with floating vegetation and fishing canoes. Experience the lake's unique 'leg rowers' - Intha fishermen who row standing up with one leg wrapped around a single oar, leaving their hands free to work the conical fishing net. We stop at Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the holiest religious site in southern Shan State. Visit a traditional silk-weaving workshop,which uses wooden hand looms and a blacksmith's forge. Pass endless floating gardens, where Intha lake dwellers grow fruit and vegetables. Continue by boat to visit Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery, one of the oldest on the lake, where you can see exquisite Buddha statues that are more than 200 years old. (Breakfast and lunch included)

Wednesday, December 1​ - Inle Lake
Explore a five-day rotating market (if your visit coincides with the schedule) which offers an insight into the life of the ethnic Pa-O, Danu and Intha people who come to these markets to sell and buy goods. long-tailed boat across the lake to Indein , at the western end of Inle, for one of the most scenic trips on the Lake. Passing through the busy village of Ywama, the largest on the Lake, with many channels and tall teak houses on stilts; enter a long, often tree-lined canal, either side of which farmers cultivate their land against the backdrop of the Shan Hills. Disembark at the jetty and walk for 15 minutes through Indein village to reach the 14th - 18th century pagoda ruins of Nyaung Ohak. A covered walkway popular with souvenir stallholders leads up to Shwe Inn Thein Paya, a complex of weather-beaten 17th - 18th century zedi; some newly reconstructed. (Breakfast and lunch included)

Thursday, December 2​ - Departures
After breakfast, transfer to Nyaung Oo Airport depart for Yangon by morning flight. Flying time is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes and arrival in Yangon is estimated before noon. However, flight times are not yet confirmed and delays do occur, so it is NOT recommended to book your onward flight out of Yangon earlier than 3:00 PM. (Breakfast included)

OPTION THREE: Mount Victoria and Chin Villages
This extension includes a visit to the Nat Ma Taung National Park, rich in rare and beautiful fauna and flora, which earned it a status of Outstanding Universal Value by Unesco.  Quiet and relaxing walks on the small town of Kanpletelet and surrounding villages through small churches and homesteads, where the older local women of the Dai, Upu and Ya ethnic tribes sport intricate tattooed patterns on their faces… and a 3-hour hike up Mount Victoria’s upper path, with an incredible sight once exiting the forest. Also known as Nat Ma Taung in Burmese, it is the highest mountain in the Chin State and third tallest in Myanmar, located at 3,053m above sea level.

Monday, November 29​ - Bagan to Mindat
We will begin this program with a brief meet and greet at the hotel and then begin our long drive in a small passenger car from Bagan to Mindat. Along the way, the path can sometimes be rocky and bumpy and cattle can often be seen running through crop plantations and meadows. Lunch will be provided along the way. We will briefly stop at Chin village. This day will be good for scenic photography and interacting with the local villagers, and will conclude with the arrival to Mindat, 4860 feet above sea level. Dinner will be provided at the hotel. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Tuesday, November 28​ - Mindat Market, Chin Villages, Kanpetlet
For our second day, we will begin with breakfast at the hotel and then head towards the Chin Village. Here we get to meet the locals, including some of the Chin women who still dress in their traditional attires, smoke tobacco pipes, and, depending on their age, might even have their faces covered in intricate traditional tattoos, a rite-of-passage practice that signified their arrival to womanhood, with symbols representing identifying messages of each tribe, and which is now outlawed by the government. We will have lunch at a local restaurant and then leisure time to wander around the city center and local market in Mindat before heading towards Kanpetlet, where we will spend the night at a simple hotel. (Breakfast and lunch included)

Wednesday, December 1​ - The wonders of Mount Victoria
After an early breakfast at the hotel, we will go through the town of Kanpetlet to visit some of the smaller villages, enjoying the sight of the churches and simple homesteads, decorated with buffalo corns. This quiet rural backwater and tranquil environment will provide the perfect setting for a picnic before our next adventure. Afterwards, we’ll drive to the National Park’s upper base camp to head for the summit of the wondrous Mount Victoria, which stunning nature and biodiversity has earned it the title of ASEAN Heritage Park. Although the footpath is a little steep, the reward of this hike is the unbelievable view once we come out of the forest, rich with bird life and rare flora and fauna. After our 3-hr hike, we return to upper base camp and down to our hotel in the picturesque old town of Kanpletet. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Thursday, December 2​Kanpetlet, Bagan, Flight to Yangon
Today, we’ll have a morning breakfast at the hotel and then begin the drive to Bagan (150km), driving along the mountainous areas, through mist and quiet valleys. Arrival to Bagan, here guests will board domestic flight and fly to Yangon where the tour ends. We do not recommend you to book an evening flight out of Yangon because domestic flights often get delayed. An additional night in Yangon is recommended (not included in extension package price). (Breakfast and lunch included)

Important Notes: A trip to Mount Victoria must be regarded as an adventure tour because of the prevailing travel conditions: substandard accommodation with infrequent electricity supply, roads in a challenging or poor condition. Itineraries may have to be changed on the spot because of weather, transportation problems, etc. It is essential that all guests visiting Mount Victoria are fully aware of travel conditions as described above.

Itinerary subject to change.