Bagan Temple Marathon, Myanmar

Marathon Half Marathon 10k
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Event Information

RACE DATE:  November 24, 2018


ORGANIZER: The race is organized by Albatros Adventure Marathons of Denmark and supported by the local community.

COURSE: The marathon, half-marathon and 10K take place on uneven gravel and some paved roads. There are sections of very loose sand. Surrounded by temples, this is a course that will amaze you with every turn.

TEMPERATURE: The weather in November in Myanmar is hot and humid. With temperatures reaching highs of around 30C/86F.

ENTRY FEE: Entry to the marathon, half-marathon or 10K is $250.

TIME LIMIT: The course time limit for the marathon and half-marathon is seven (7) hours. 

NUMBER PICKUP: Numbers will be provided at the race briefing the evening before the event.

VISA: All travelers are required to have a valid visa for entering Myanmar. This can easily be done online here.

AWARDS: Top three overall for males and females in both races.  Each runner will receive a medal and T-shirt.
RUNNING SHOES: The Bagan Temple course can be run in a pair of normal running shoes or trail running shoes. Expect sections of loose sand.

Difficulty: While mostly on packed trails, there are sections of loose sand, as well as sections of paved roads.