Bagan Temple Marathon, Myanmar

Marathon Half Marathon 10k
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Event Information

RACE DATE:  November 27, 2021


ORGANIZER: The race is organized by Albatros Adventure Marathons of Denmark and supported by the local community.

COURSE: The marathon, half-marathon and 10K take place on uneven gravel and some paved roads. There are sections of very loose sand. Surrounded by temples, this is a course that will amaze you with every turn.

TEMPERATURE: The weather in November in Myanmar is hot and humid. With temperatures reaching highs of around 30C/86F.

ENTRY FEE: Entry to the marathon, half-marathon or 10K is $265.

TIME LIMIT: The course time limit for the marathon and half-marathon is seven (7) hours. 

NUMBER PICKUP: Numbers will be provided at the race briefing the evening before the event.

VISA: All travelers are required to have a valid visa for entering Myanmar. This can easily be done online here. Do not secure this until 90 days prior or your visa will expire before your arrival. If it expires you will have to file and purchase a new visa.

AWARDS: Top three overall for males and females in both races.  Each runner will receive a medal and T-shirt.
RUNNING SHOES: The Bagan Temple course can be run in a pair of normal running shoes or trail running shoes. Expect sections of loose sand.

Difficulty: While mostly on packed trails, there are sections of loose sand, as well as sections of paved roads. The route is relatively flat.