The Australian Outback race date is tentative.  Details will be updated once confirmed.

Australian Outback Marathon, Half-Marathon, 11K and 6K

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Sails in the Desert: Named after the soaring white sails that crown its roof, Sails in the Desert Hotel is Voyages Ayers Rock Resort's five-star premium hotel. The interior decor focuses on Aboriginal heritage and culture, with the renowned Mulgara Gallery in the hotel and significant artworks featured throughout the public areas and in the private rooms. At Sails in the Desert, you can relax in well-appointed rooms and enjoy cocktails by the pool. The Hotel also offers some fabulous dining experiences including the brasserie-style Winkiku Restaurant and the resort’s signature restaurant, Kuniya.

Desert Gardens Hotel: A comfortable four-star hotel at Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, Desert Gardens Hotel offers a range of appealing accommodations, from shaded poolside rooms to deluxe rooms with Rock views. Set amongst magnificent ghost gums and flowering native shrubs, you can choose to relax in the comfort of your private balcony or unwind near the pool over cocktails.  It's only a short stroll to the numerous lookouts, where you can view one of the best sunsets in Australia, with the spectacular play of colors across the face of Uluru. Once the sun sets, you can try some Australian native delicacies at White Gums Restaurant, or try one of the other 13 dining experiences available throughout the resort.