The 2022 Australian Outback races will limited to domestic runners only.

Australian Outback Marathon, Half-Marathon, 11K and 6K

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We are very pleased to return to the Australian Outback Marathon, Half Marathon, 11K and 6K on July 31, 2021 at Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock. Located in the very heart of Australia, this truly unique event will have the majestic Ayers Rock as its backdrop and will give runners of all levels the opportunity to experience the Australian Outback as its earliest inhabitants once did, on foot. 

As an officially-appointed travel representative in North America, we have developed some exciting travel packages and itineraries working closely in conjunction with the Australian based race creators and organizers.  Based on years of client feedback we have created an "Experience Australia" package that combines Sydney and day trips to top rated surrounding destinations with the recommended Australian Outback packages. Past clients have rated the Diamond Outback itinerary as their favorite, which is a four-night package that allows time to experience the unique culture of the area and the landscape of Ayers Rock.  The Platinum Outback itinerary is a five-night package, which offers more time in the Outback to explore Kings Canyon or hike Kata Tjuta, is a favorite of clients who enjoy more adventurous activities. 
This destination is a must for all who love running, adventure and who have wanted to explore the stunning Australian Outback.

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2019 Marathon Tours Australian Outback Trip

This was a fantastic and adventures vacation - more than a race.

2019 Marathon Tours Australian Outback Trip

What did I like best about the trip? The Sydney pre race add on got to tour Sydney and spend time with others before event.

2019 Marathon Tours Australian Outback Trip

Pure laughter was everywhere as was a deep cultural immersion coupled with a raw, natural, unpredictable, unforgiving environment free from modern distractions. The 2019 Australian Outback Marathon/Half-Marathon was a perfectly planned, supported and executed, celebratory event where citizens from six continents joined together establishing a temporal United Nations under a a common mantra language “No worries Mate!,” to the distant sounds of a digeridoo. Cue the dingos.

Trip Designer

Ann Haebler
Ann Haebler