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We are very pleased to return to the Australian Outback Marathon, Half Marathon, 11K and 6K on July 28, 2018 at Ayers Rock (Uluru to the Aborigines). Located in the very heart of the country, this truly unique event will have the majestic Ayers Rock as its backdrop and will give runners of all levels the opportunity to experience the Australian Outback as its earliest inhabitants once did, on foot. 

As an officially-appointed travel representative in North America, we have developed some exciting travel packages and itineraries working closely in conjunction with the Australian based race creators and organizers.  We highly recommend the Diamond Itinerary, which is a four-night package that allows time to experience the unique culture of the area and the landscape of Ayers Rock, in addition to participation in the events surrounding the race.  The Platinum Itinerary is a five-night package, which offers more time in the Outback to explore Kings Canyon or hike Kata Tjuta. For those with less time, we offer the Gold and Silver Itineraries as options.  Please note though that these itineraries leave little time for any travel delays that could occur and any opportunity to really explore the Outback.
This destination is a must for all who love running, adventure and who have wanted to explore the stunning Australian Outback.

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2016 Marathon Tours Australian Outback Trip

Overall, this was an exceptional experience! Thanks to all for the incredible efforts and organization. The RunningFit team were helpful, supportive, very professional - the associated events were outstanding, Celebration Dinner, Pasta Dinner, Welcome Dinner. Love to do it again!

2016 Marathon Tours Australian Outback Trip

Hard to pick just one thing - - just being in the presence of such a profound natural and cultural environment. The Sounds of Silence Celebration dinner brought a lot of the trip experiences together. The marathon course was sensational!

Trip Designer

Ann Haebler
Ann Haebler