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Marathon Tours & Travel first started offering travel packages to the Authentic Athens Marathon in 1983.  For the 2,500th anniversary of Pheidippides’ run from Marathon to Athens, we brought more than 900 runners – the largest group from anywhere in the world. Today, almost 36 years later, we are still pleased to be the official travel operator for runners originating from the United States and Canada.    

Every runner dreams of following in the footsteps of Pheidippides and now is your chance to join runners from around the world at the 37th Athens Authentic Marathon.  In addition to the marathon, a 10K and 5K are also available.  All of the races finish inside the classic marble stadium, the Panathenaic Stadium. Our four-night package provides the choice of two excellent hotel choices, a half-day Athens city tour, full breakfast daily, a welcome reception and the services of a Marathon Tours & Travel staff. 

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2018 Marathon Tours Athens Trip

Experiencing a new culture steeped in ancient history. Interacting with (shock) individuals like myself, hearing their stories, learning from their cultural and race experiences outside of the US. Confident that the Marathon Tours staff was there as a safety net. Thankful that Marathon Tours booked a hotel with a grand breakfast buffet, including race day morning special. Grateful for the Marathon Tours staff for guiding us to the buses for transport to the event start.


2018 Marathon Tours Athens Trip

Stephanie and Anne were delightful. They were always mindful of the special needs of folks in the group and when one gentleman fell, they were right there to make sure he was all right and not needing medical care. They were happy, professional, fun to be around.



Trip Designer

Stephanie DiBrita
Stephanie DiBrita

Trip Leaders

Ann Haebler
Ann Haebler