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Vavilov Ship: March 17, 2019
Ioffe Ship: March 18, 2019


COURSE: The course will start and finish outside the Russian base and pass near the Chilean and Chinese bases.  The course is entirely on dirt roads, which often can be muddy.  The course changes each year based on the base operations as well as road and weather conditions.  All runners must be self-sufficient and cannot expect any access to indoor facilities.  

TEMPERATURE: Average temperatures range between 15F-34F minus the wind chill, which can lower it by about 10F.  Heavy snow is rare but light flurries are common.  

COURSE TIME LIMIT: Marathoners must finish under 6.5 hours, weather permitting.  You must pass the halfway mark in three (3) hours and 10 minutes.  Course marshals have the responsibility to disqualify any runner who might endanger himself through fatigue, hypothermia or dehydration.

NUMBER PICKUP: Race check-in and the briefing with emphasis on the environmental rules and regulations governing this event will be held at the welcome dinner in Buenos Aires.  Attendance is mandatory for participation in the race.  

SHOES: You will not need any special shoes.  A training shoe designed for off-road running is best.  Bring two pair since it might be wet and muddy. Racing flats are not recommended. NOTE: trekking poles or any other aid are not allowed in either event.


ELIGIBILITY:  All runners must be at least 18 years of age on race day for participation in the marathon. There is no age limit for the half-marathon..

AWARDS: The top three overall for males and females in both races will be recognized.   In the marathon, the top two in each age category will be recognized (under 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70 and over).  All finishers will receive a finisher certificate and a medallion.

DIFFICULTY: Difficult. 

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  7. Questions should be directed to