Runners Country Club

We have discovered runners vote with their feet! For the past 38 years we have brought athletes around the world.  With constructive and helpful feedback, we have been offering top-notch tour packages to all seven continents. It goes without saying that on our list of more than 40 programs, there is something for everyone.  We wanted to take it one step further.  Therefore, in  late 2016, The Runner’s Country Club was launched.  This unique program is designed for runners who want to take their experiences  one step further. In partnership with our clients, annually we survey our frequent travelers to identify new destinations and activities they wish to explore. . Our goal is to present two or more new and unique destination experiences each year to discover together while reuniting with old friends and making new ones.

Coming Races

The 2017 Madagascar Marathon and Half-Marathon will give you a taste of the new adventures ahead. Whether we are visiting one of our favorite locations or experiencing a new destinations, The Runner’s Country Club trips will be uniquely special experiences that may be only offered once.

Madagascar Marathon and Half-Marathon Package

We are carefully reviewing the feedback from clients and are in the planning stages for additional new destinations.  We are excited to announce these in the Spring of 2017. Stay tuned!