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Marathon Tours & Travel has been offering the Antarctica Marathon & Half-Marathon since its inception in 1995.  As the proud event organizer and the exclusive tour operator, in conjunction with One Ocean Expeditions, we are excited to bring 200 runners and their supporters to this authentic event on March 16 and 17, 2018. 

The Antarctica Tour Package begins with three-nights in Buenos Aires for time to meet your running peers, participate in a few training runs, and attend the mandatory race briefing and welcome dinner.   We will then fly you to Ushuaia, which is located at the southern tip of Argentina.  It is here where you will start your journey to Antarctica aboard the Akademik Ioffe Ship or the Akademik Vavilov Ship.  Over the course of several days you will sail through the Beagle Channel across the Drake Passage, through the Shetland Islands and along the Antarctic Peninsula until reaching King George’s Island – the location of the Marathon and Half-Marathon!  

During your travels you will explore the most pristine corner of the planet, coming face-to-face with Antarctic gems such as glaciers, icebergs, penguins, seals and whales. Historians and scientists will provide lectures on board your ship and you will experience wildlife excursions during landings in remote areas, such as seal colonies and penguin rookeries as well as the research bases.

The course on King George’s Island has marked gravel roads that connect the scientific research bases of Uruguay, Chile, China and Russia. Great care is taken to leave behind zero impact on the environment in this sensitive ecosystem.  As part of this, we are restricted to having a maximum of 100 passengers ashore for the event at any one time.  Marathon Tours & Travel takes their part seriously and in fact has raised more than $200,000 for Oceanites, the non-profit scientific organization that monitors the effects of climate change and the impact of tourism on Antarctica. 

To race on all seven continents is a goal of many marathoners and we can make that happen for you!  On average we have runners from over 25 countries represented each year including: Canada, United States, Norway, Germany, Great Britain, Bermuda, Ireland,  France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Chile, Colombia, Russia, Poland, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas, Venezuela, Colombia, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Iran, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Japan, China, India, Uruguay, Guadeloupe, Pakistan and New Zealand.

Due to the incredible popularity of this event, we are sold out through 2020 and are currently accepting booking forms for 2021.  We still welcome you to apply to be on the waitlist for 2019 and 2020.  A completed booking form and a deposit of $300 per person must be submitted to request reservations. 

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2010 Marathon Tours Antarctica Trip

This note is to thank you again for your creativity, hard work and thorough professionalism. Eight years later and I'm still impressed as all get out.

2017 Antarctica Experience

What did you like best?

The zodiacs and the opportunities of seeing whales, orcas, seals, penguins, icebergs, and glaciers

Besides how incredible the experience was, I was blown away by the quality of the staff (One Ocean and Marathon Tours). They made our experience truly unforgettable.

Everything. I liked the people (both runners and staff), the wildlife, and the race itself. I don't have a favorite thing because it was all great!

It exceeded expectations, but there were expectations I didn't even have - never expected to see whales like that.

The BBQ with the other ship, afternoon tea, happy hour and the polar plunge

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Stephanie DiBrita

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Thom Gilligan Race Director
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Jeff Adams
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Jacqui Kaufman


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Ellen Gabel Doctor
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