Trip Application


2012 Honolulu Marathon Trip Application


Mail this form with a $200 per person deposit by check or credit card information to:
Marathon Tours, Inc. C-5 Shipway Place, Boston, MA 02129

Hotel Name ________________________
Room Type: Oceanview___ Mountainview___
Arrival Date:___________ Departure Date: ___________
Bedding Type: King bed____ Two beds____ Rollaway for 3rd person____
Please include a tour to Pearl Harbor:  YES ( ____)  NO (_____)

Name __________________________________________ Entry? ___Yes ___No
Sharing with___________________________________ Entry? ___Yes ___No
Address _____________________________________________
City __________________________ State ______ Zip _______
Day Phone ______________ Evening Phone ______________
Departure City ____________________Email_________________________
Date of Birth(s) ________________________________________
___Single Room
Charge to _______________________________________ Exp Date ____  Sec code_____
Cardholder Name _______________________________

Special Requests ___________________________________________

I have read and agree to the terms outlined under General Conditions.