Special Running Clothing and Gear

Running Clothing, Gear & Equipment


In addition to standard clothing, we have a few suggestions that should help you have a safe, comfortable and warm run. Temperatures in Buenos Aires are usually warm, in the 70's and 80's. In the Antarctic region expect from the mid 10'sF to low 40'sF and very windy with lower wind chills.


1. Try to bring one large duffle bag or pack instead of two bags. 

2. Make sure that you have a Marathon Tours bag tag on it. We will supply these.

3. Make sure that your luggage is checked to Buenos Aires. If you have a long layover in Miami or New York and can handle your luggage, transfer it yourself for peace of mind.

4. Someone will have their luggage mishandled. It happens every time. Don't let it be you!!!

5.  You can no longer lock your bags due to new security policies. Every year someone gets items stolen from within the bags. Do not put valuables in checked luggage.

6. We don't recommend wearing or bring anything valuable!


Running shoes

A trail shoe with solid support against pronation or supination is the best choice. Regular training shoes are sufficient. Soles should have good traction since some of the run might be in an inch or two of snow and most of it will be on uneven terrain. Racing flats are not recommended since they have little support. Bring two pair so that you can make a change after the first loop if your shoes are wet or muddy.



It is unlikely that you will need any special devices on your shoes for running the marathon. 


Rain Gear

You will get hit with spray while in the zodiacs on some landings. Bring rain gear or waterproof outwear. One Ocean Expeditions will rent Wetskins which are waterprrof tops and bottoms for $50 for the entire voyage. These will keep you dry buy they are not well insulated. Bring some warm layers for underneath particularly during Zodiac rides near the Antarctic Peninsula where it can be very cold.


Running Clothes

A Goretex type running suit and polypropylene under layer will work best. You may want to shed the outer suit during part of the race. Thus, polypro (or similar material) tights should be worn. A long sleeve synthetic top with a singlet over it is a good choice. Bring light weight running gloves and a wool or polypropylene hat.  



It can be windy, snowy or just plain white at times. Protect your eyes with sunglasses or (even better) lightweight ski goggles. 


Rubber Boots

You will be provided with a complimentary pair of knee high rubber boots to borrow since you will constantly be stepping out of Zodiacs into a foot of water. They are also appropriate for walking in mud and penguin dung. These are provided free of charge by One Ocean Expeditions and you will get fitted once you are on board the ship.


Fanny Pack & Day Pack

You may want to carry a hat or gloves or other gear. A day pack is extremely useful during landings and to store gear at the finish area. Fanny packs are a good idea during the run.


Water Bottles

Bring three (3) 16-20 oz. water bottles, which you can fill with plain water filled on the ship or with your own magic potion that you have brought with you. The race staff will position them at the aid stations. You can get some in Ushuaia very cheaply. This will save on space in your luggage. Bring ribbons or a marker to more easily identify them during the run (i.e. colored duct tape). 


Gel packs and GU bottles

You are not allowed to bring any food in wrappers ashore. The wrappers always blow away in the brutal wind. Here is a suggestions for a wcombined water bottle and GU dispenser - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqokhJFwSLA