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Madagascar Marathon to Feature Adventure, Nature and Philanthropy
Marathon in Burgeoning Travel Destination is Set For June 8, 2013
  The Madagascar Marathon and expedition is poised to offer globetrotting runners a healthy dose of 
  adventure, eco-tourism and an opportunity to make a difference according to Boston-based Marathon Tours
  & Travel, the event organizer and tour operator. The Madagascar Marathon & Half Marathon events are
  scheduled for June 8, 2013.
  Located in the Indian Ocean 250 miles off the southeast coast of Africa, the Republic of Madagascar is the
  world’s fourth largest island and is often referred to as the "8th Continent." The 226,656 square-mile island
  separated from the African continent about 165 million years ago allowing plants and animals on the island
  to evolve in complete isolation, creating a biodiversity hotspot. Over 90% of its wildlife is found nowhere else
  on Earth and contains over 10,000 endemic species including the iconic lemur, a category of primates.  
  “Travel to and around Madagascar is not for the uninformed traveler,” says Thom Gilligan, president and
  founder of Marathon Tours & Travel. “Madagascar is a burgeoning travel destination. It is undeveloped,
  unspoiled and undiscovered.”
  The Madagascar Marathon & Half marathon will start and finish in Bedabo, a small village in the south
  central highlands near Isalo. The courses will loop along dirt trails used by villagers on zebu-drawn carts.
  Participants must cross a couple of small streams and run through a small rain forest. Most of the marathon
  course is routed through Isalo National Park, Madagascar's most visited park where the world's oldest
  dinosaur bones have been discovered.
  Part of the proceeds from the race will be dedicated to building a community school that will specialize in
  teaching the eco-tourism and hospitality travel trades. Runners traveling to the island will also have the
  opportunity to sponsor local runners who do not have the means to pay the race entry fee. The country’s
  average per capita income is approximately $240 USD per year.
  Marathon Tours & Travel, North America’s leading marathon niche tour operator, offers trips to marathons
  on all seven continents including Antarctica where it organizes the hugely popular Antarctica Marathon &
  Half Marathon. The company is also the Madagascar Marathon organizer and offers a variety of travel
  packages that showcase the island.
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