Frequently Asked Questions



What is the food like on the ship? Can you accommodate certain diet restrictions?

The chef knows that we often have a few vegetarians and there is always a vegetarian option at all meals.


Are any beverages and/or alcohol included with meals?

Alcohol and soft drinks are at your own expense. Coffee, tea and other hotel beverages are available at all times on  a self-serve basis.


What kind of money/currency should I travel with?

All charges made on board the ship can be paid for at the end of the cruise via credit card or US dollars.


What activities are available on the ship?

Each day has a complete schedule of lectures, films, Zodiac cruising or landings. There is also kayaking for an extra fee of $125 for a half-day. See Ship specification links below for more details on your ship:

Akademik Ioffe - Ship Specifications

Akademik Ioffe - Ship Specifications

Akademik Ioffe Ship Specifications

Akademik Sergei Vavilov Ship Specifications


What are the seas like? Do many people get seasick?

Every serious traveler must add a crossing of the Drake Passage to their travel adventures. Sailors lore allowed you to have a ring pierced through your left ear when you "round the Horn" from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. There are a few helpful medications to minimize any discomfort from rough seas. You can bring you own that are prescribed by your physician or you can request medication from the ship's doctor.


Is there phone and/or internet access on the ship to connect with family and friends at home?

There is phone service from the communications office in case of an emergency. Each Passenger can set up an email account to send text messages. It is not possible to send high resolution photos and there is no internet service.


 Is there any special training or equipment required for the course?

Regular training shoes or trail shoes are best. Racing flats do not give you enough support on the rough terrain.


Wildlife: What can I expect to see?

Antarctica provides some of the world's most incredible wildlife encounters. Whales, seals and penguins have no fear of people; In fact, they are quite curious and will come very close to you. You will receive a complete briefing on the proper protocol when encountering wildlife. Whales love to play with kayakers and Zodiacs. Please do not touch the whales! Yes. They come that close!


What should I pack? 

You can see a packing list here: Antarctica Marathon Clothing & Gear checklist