Frequently asked questions


Can I bring family and friends?

Of course. The event consumes a small portion of the time spent during your trip. There is always sightseeing and general activities that appeal to all travelers. Some of our trips especially appeal to families such as the Gold Coast Marathon (August)  Safaricom Marathon (June) or the Walt Disney World Marathon (January). We also have quite a few runners who make that special trip with a parent.


I want to travel to a fun destination marathon but I plan to go solo. Is Marathon Tours the right option for me?

Absolutely! We take the hassle out of travel and provide the memorable and safe experience that is achieved by traveling with like-minded, adventure-seeking runners. It's fun seeing the sights and run the run with a group. If you prefer double occupancy packages but are traveling alone, ask us to see if there is a single traveler that can share a room.


Can I use my frequent flyer air tickets?

Many of our travelers use their miles. In that case, we just offer the land package.


Do you offer just the entry?

No. We do not offer entry only into those hard-to enter-events.


Can you customize a package for me?

Marathon Tours is a full-service travel agency. We can customize your travel arrangements according to your specific requirements to any international event. We can also help you with domestic travel and travel that is not associated with a marathon event.


Can you offer guaranteed entry to the Boston Marathon?

We cannot offer an entry since you must qualify for the Boston Marathon or be associated with one of the event's official charities.


I really love Hawaii. Can you customize a package to any event there?

We also really love Hawaii. Many of our staff have visited there and have previewed hotel accommodations and  and one of our staff owns a home on Maui. We can personally assist you with a visit to any of the islands.


I am a first-time marathoner. Do you accept first-timers on your trips?

Of course. Many runners like the thrill of running their first marathon in some exotic location.


I only run half-marathons or 10Ks. Do you offer non-marathon trips?

Many events offer shorter events in addition to the marathon. Running shorter distances are even more fun when you are on vacation and the shorter distances are popular with the "supporters" on the trip.