Entry and Event Information




Date: Sunday, October 22, 2017; 7:55 a.m. start

General Information: The MCM start line is uniquely situated between the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery. The location offers a distinct reminder to runners that this is not just any marathon. Situated between those actively protecting our country and the fallen heroes, who for generations have given their lives for our freedom, runners immediately recognize the MCM’s 26.2 mile journey is about shared sacrifice. Everyone at this event has given something. The Marines and other members of the U.S. armed forces give of themselves in service to our country. The runners give themselves over to a new lifestyle, a commitment to physical fitness and a desire to achieve. Synchronized by the impeccable timing device attached to each runner’s bib, the MCM course pulses with the energy of give and take from these two contributing forces. Marines motivate runners. Runners gain the admiration of Marines. The result is a day of accomplishment, satisfaction and cherished memories.


Guaranteed Entry Procedure:

Entry can only be confirmed when booked with a minimum two (2) night hotel stay at one of our available hotels.  Entry only is not available.  Guaranteed entry to the event is $225.00 total per entry needed.  A 3.75% processing fee is applicable in addition. Limit two (2) entries per hotel room.  Entries are limited.  Entry will be confirmed on a first serve basis. Booking your hotel and entry is a two-step process.  First, you can make your hotel reservation online at: https://aws.passkey.com/e/48987070.  Please be sure to select guest type “MCM ENTRY AND HOTEL ” if you in fact do need a race entry from Marathon Tours.


All confirmed hotel reservations will receive an email to register for guaranteed entry by July 1. 


Course Time Limit:  The howitzer will fire at 7:55 a.m. officially starting the 42nd MCM. The MCM course will remain open until 3:00 p.m., just more than seven hours after gun time. The entire race field will cross the start line timing mats approximately 23 minutes after the starting pistol is fired.  This means the final runner will complete the MCM in six hours and 37 minutes. This is a slight change from previous years but it does not affect the required minimum pace which remains 14 minutes-per-mile. All runners must maintain a 14 minute-per-mile pace to Beat the Bridge. A time cushion of two additional minutes-per-mile are afforded runners for the final 10K of the course after meeting the Beat the Bridge requirement.

Course: The Marine Corps Marathon, aptly nicknamed the "Marathon of the Monuments," offers exciting changes on the course including a flatter route and new approach to the Capitol.  The most notable change in this year's course occurs from Miles 6-9 with runners now traveling north on scenic Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway along roads that are relatively flat.

 Course Details 1The USATF-certified 26.2 mile marathon course starts in Arlington, VA on Route 110 between Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon. The course moves through Rosslyn along Lee Highway before turning on Spout Run and the George Washington Parkway. Runners will experience a climb on Lee Highway in the first few miles of the course, but are rewarded with a descent along Spout Run and the Parkway.


After crossing Key Bridge into Georgetown between Miles 4 and 5, runners turn right along the renowned M Street where throngs of spectators will cheer them through the most popular area of historic Georgetown.


From M Street, MCM runners continue turning right onto Wisconsin Avenue and then left onto K Street, and continue to run on K under the Whitehurst Freeway. Runners then make a continuous loop turning right onto 27th Street, right onto I Street, right onto Virginia Avenue and finally turn right onto Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway, heading north. It is along the Parkway that MCM runners will enjoy running the beautifully tree-lined roadways and under historic stone-covered bridges before making a U-turn at the median located at Beach and Shoreham Drives. 2013 Course Shot

After the U-turn, runners follow the southbound lanes of Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway heading past the impressive Kennedy Center and under the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge. Between Miles 10 and 11, MCM participants travel parallel to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and then bear left onto Ohio Drive while passing under Arlington Memorial Bridge. Runners remain right of the John Ericsson National Memorial as Ohio Drive meets Independence Avenue and then right onto Ohio Drive entering West Potomac Park along the scenic Potomac River. Runners continue to travel along Ohio Drive and throughout the Hains Point peninsula to the very end of the point, as Ohio Drive continues along the other side of the peninsula adjacent to the East Potomac Golf Course.

Weather: Expect anything and everything from temperatures in the low 40s F at the start to upper 70s at the finish. The average high and low is 64 and 46 degrees F in October.